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MixP3 n. Its the mixtape, reimagined.™

MixP3 Features

MixP3 is the quintessential digital music platform to create your own organic playlist and, as you wish, convert it to a permanent mixtape. Select from a vast catalog of new and classic mixtapes and tracks, as well as upload your own music to MixP3. Create, Discover and Share with artists, DJs, engineers, producers and fans, and mobile stream everywhere.

  • Electronic
  • Pop
  • Hip Hop
  • Country
  • Latin
  • R&B
  • Rock
  • Reggae
  • Jazz & Blues
  • Soul/Funk
  • Inspirational
  • Alternative

Create MixP3

  • Create your station with unlimited MixP3 in rotation and share.
  • Create unlimited playlists for personal listening and share.
  • Convert your playlist to a MixP3, a unique and permanent EP, ELP or ELP.
  • Publish your MixP3 for the world to enjoy, similar to an album.
  • Upload and publish music directly to the MixP3 catalog.

Discover MixP3

  • Browse or search the MixP3 catalog based on artist, genre or title.
  • Discover what others have created, discovered or shared via the Mini Feed.
  • Browse or search tracks by artists, DJs, engineers, producers, and labels.
  • Follow or favorite MixP3, playlists, tracks, stations or profiles.

Share MixP3

  • Share MixP3 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp.
  • Share what you have created or discovered, via the Mini Feed.
  • Locally download your MixP3 and stream, when offline.
  • Share your MixP3 with others, directly from your profile.
  • Share your new release with others, via broadcast messaging.

Plans & Pricing

We have a plan customized to the way you experience MixP3 - Its Everywhere You Are, even offline. All Plans are mobile + everywhere supported, including the Basic and Premium plans. The Pro plan has all the benefits of the Premium plan plus unlimited uploading of music.


Fan + Mobile

  • Listen to Unlimited Music
  • Create & Share Unlimited Music
  • Ads


Fan + Mobile

  • Listen to Unlimited Music
  • Create & Share Unlimited Music
  • Local Download Music
  • No Ads


Artist/DJ/Eng/Prod/Label + Mobile.

  • Listen to Unlimited Music
  • Create & Share Unlimited Music
  • Local Download Music
  • Upload Unlimited Music
  • No Ads